Before you invest money in blogging, newsletters, facebook advertising, hiring PR firms, hiring virtual assistants, it’s important to have a plan. Part of the plan is truly digging deep and figuring out the best marketing strategy that fits who you are. If someone says ‘The best marketing advice is to build a newsletter’ will that work for you the same way it worked for them? How does anything actually work with who I am as a person and my skills? In this course we will break down your plans for marketing and what works for the author by delving deep into four major areas.

Victoria Pinder

Author Victoria Pinder has small published, self-published and published with Amazon itself her novels. She always struggled to understand marketing and has tried just about everything. This course is one aspect of an overview of marketing that she has found successful and helped her launch her overall plans going forward.

She also wrote a nonfiction book that goes deeper into all these topics as well as newsletters and blogs called Transform Cold Clicks into Raving Readers. So this course is copyrighted; however, please direct your friends who might want to know to the book. In the class we get to get more personal and really talk about the topics with each other. Everything we share is only for our eyes and no one else should see.

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Blog your way into your reader's life

Learn how blogging can draw you closer to your readers and strengthen your relationship with them.

Learn the secrets of creating a successful newsletter

Create a newsletter that will help you create a relationship and nurture your readers.

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